Queen Armor

Society girl in a fashion world, curvy adore in a world for skinny bores

Is it so bad I have more, I mean I am the Queen of heaven armor

Now as I lure you into this voluptuous body I know I own you solely


Vogue covers in this Armani dress I swear is my lover

I will no longer suffer as I’m too holy in my trinity of mind, body & spirit

I wear this spiritual essence well as I do this diamond liaison spell


An event, a concoction of the imagination that has been brought to surface

No longer cheap tricks with cheap dates as I’ve succeeded the poverty state

At this rate I’ll behead every royal and take my place


At the top where I’ve beckoned the power of every God

This is what it means to be a reverent Lord

Now take this sword and assign me with my Kindgom adorned


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