Guardian Angels 


Trusting with my deepest knowing

I know the angelic thoughts are ordaining my way

Way to eternal life, to become everlasting

As I honor the trust of my guardians I accept the new way

Life as a poet that speaks and sings to the heart

Like a talented hand weaving with yarn of gold
I know there is so much more in store


I’m more than a woman adorned, I’m forever more

I’ve found the cure to every condition
It first comes with a formal admission, it heals all addiction


If only we will listen, we then find the answers we seek

This experience we feel & see is unexplainable in human terms
With the spirit of discernment you will know the holy spirit is here


Speaking with me to predetermine my success to be

Now as I begin to lead I’m everything I’ve wanted to be
Adore, adore, I’m so precious with my glamour allure


Do you want more of what my guardians have in store?

Hear the lion of Judah roar as the Angels of God soar
Super nova waves are that in which I bathe


I’m in a body made of clay yet my soul is forever alive

I accept my time to step onto the platform of a world far beyond
This day has a new dawn, I’m no longer a pawn


Child of righteousness is what it means to be free

Now I’m blessed with wealth, riches and prosperity proceed
These angels say hi, they love you so


Now take the time to listen to the voice

You know which one, it longs to join
As I now fly, I’m living in ecstasy abide


This roller coaster ride is beyond my wildest dreams

I’m so thankful I believed

Trust I’ll proceed


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