Cupcake Love Affair


Speckled cupcakes are the world to me as you can see
I seethe in glee as I take a bite of this dream I so longed to be
It’s all manifested in all the glory I could of ever imagined
This joy so beautiful as its all finally happened


This dapper man so tall, handsome and forthcoming stands before me
He bends down and places a heart shaped diamond ring on my finger
For a moment my heart lingers in pure ecstasy, I say yes so sexily
As our hugging embrace goes its the smell of him I douse myself in


This is what it’s like to win, I’m quite the gem he proclaims on a whim
I love you my man, the way you’re my number one
The kisses we share like there is not a care
Like our first date at the town fair, with your heart you share


Now do you dare marry a woman so wild and free
Yes you do because I’m your everything to be
This is what it’s like to live a dream
It’s everything it seems
Life is so keen


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