Starry Eyes


Candle lit romance

My starry eyes

Life as yours, you as mine


My heart is a gemstone

Perfectly applied rogue

I always knew I’d never lose


My mind is on a journey

I’m soon to marry an attorney

I know I am worthy


Is this my life

Heart felt ways, my life is a loving haze

I now have it made in the shade like they always say


This is a new day where a star was made, I’m now claimed


6 thoughts on “Starry Eyes

      • my pleasure💖 it is also my first time to get nominated that’s why it’s also new for me😊 but if you could have the chance to visit my recent post about it, all the info is in there😉 i apologise i wasn’t able to send a link here in the comment because i’m not sure how yet✌️️✌️️✌️️

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