Thread of Gold

Conviction of a fairies blood is what it means to be a crystal on drugs

Like the beauty that becomes a flood, while all the thoughts run


Run for safety because this mind is being built for remembrance

The celebrity of a hundred million dreams, a thread of gold is how she molds


Found her ruby necklace intertwined within a golden embrace that’s her fate

A trillion dates are saved within the calendar of eternal flashing glory


Salary of unicorn kisses is everything she could ever wish for

Every door is opened for the sovereign divine being that beholds within her spirit

She enters the middle door as she knows anything could be in store


It’s every little girls fantasy come

The diadem is placed upon her head

She is clothed in the most luxurious fabric instead


Lay me down on this luxurious feather bed

Now fuck the thoughts that desire

Passion on fire, a woman walking the wire


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