Turning Emotional Triggers into Magick

Turning your triggers into magick!


“Magick is the art of causing changes in consciousness in conformity with the Will.”

– Dion Fortune

Triggers are the thoughts and emotions that can cause us to go into distress. Triggers can either continue to destroy our well being or we can use them as fuel to harness what we truly want. If we follow them and let them put us into a state of resonance that is negative we will continue to perpetuate negative feelings and situations.

Now that we’ve made the decision to live in a place of being the energy of what we truly desire we know that negativity is a place that will not and cannot suit us. So the instant we feel triggered or feel an anxiety attack coming on we make the conscious choice to not entertain it. What I’ve found very helpful is immediately start channeling & transmuting that energy into the feeling of relief.

We instantly go to our vision, feeling the energy of being and having our hearts desire. Feeling overwhelming emotion of satisfaction that we are a living achievement of our dreams. Cry those tears of satisfaction that you are LIVING the life you’ve always wanted. Scream in joy that you’ve finally arrived at the destination, see that key to your new house, new car and new life in your hand.

This is how we transmute negativity into fuel to success. Through conscious intention to do this we garner INCREDIBLE power manifesting our desired outcome. It may feel a little silly, let that silliness thrill you knowing you are a beacon of everything you’ve ever hoped to be.

It’s most important to transmute negative patterns, triggers at this time of high emotion because it’s when we are most powerful. If we continue to consciously choose this path there is no other way than becoming and living the life of our dreams.


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