Opulent Socialite


Microphones up to my face I can’t seem to think

What is today, is it my dawning, the dawning of a rebirth


“Mam, mam, how does it feel?” They say.


Thoughts of shock, feelings trickling down my spine

I gave my life to the sun and now the time has begun

Press conference of our mirrored minds, a sign of this new era


What am I wearing, how do I look, is my paint precise?

This is all for the public to now decide, I’m just here for the ride


All those lies, every time I tried to hide from new found prize

I took my mind and put it inside my purse where I can never be hurt

This is the calling of Lady Kurt, I gave her my word


Now she serves and I do concur her thoughts are like birds

As I’m painted in the subconscious of society, I’m known quite widely


Sighing with relief I almost didn’t believe but my heart was seen

Now that she has this deed, the trophy of reverie birthed in sight

Sight of this conference, the tables of business


Signatures acknowledge what a abstract mind enjoys


This all comes to me in this Rolls-Royce, in opulence I rejoice


Her voice was heard, I look at my reflection and I know it’s what I deserve


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