Christmas Doll


Purple velvet winged back chairs is where I sit and feel

Feel the warmth of the raging fire you’ve set for our first time

You know it’s my favorite season, Jesus is the reason

Wrapped up in this floor length mink coat, I’m ready for your love


Stockings stuffed with every sensual fantasy I have in mind

Who knows if you can unwrap this gift I’ve got to give

It’s surely a sin when you taste this cherry pie, I wouldn’t lie


I’ve wrapped every present in the thoughts of sex and bows


Christmas time pumpkin pie is how my man thrives, I sigh in confetti

Glitter laughs, rainbow lights surround our love

It must be the mistletoe where we kiss, this coat drops and you touch your gift


Now you’ll surely live as we sip this gin and play a hand of rummy

Standing near the Christmas tree I adorned with your lustful ways

I say you’re all I want for the holiday


Heart shaped diamond ring brings my heart a sting, sting of tears

Porcelain excitement, this is now the betrothal of Holly


Call me Christmas Dolly

I knew you saw me, I’m every angel calling


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