The Golden Ticket



All these flashes, light bulbs galore as I stand at this podium

The energy is palpitating with a force I’ve never known

I’m not alone, I’m in the eye, the eye of being watched


Golden ticket of candy land thoughts, dreams that get you lost

Roller coaster of breathless euphoria, no feeling in this body

Extravaganza of a billion dances, life as a chosen one


Finding the center to summon the courage to speak with

Speak with the words of what it means to be a winner, am I a sinner?


I knew it would happen, It’s the lastly calling of a union in copulation


Development of a woman into every persons life of season, dreaming liaison

Raising of the golden ticket, another adornment to decorate her soul

Energy of astonishment is preening out of control


I’ve found myself at the center of this trove

I’m reaping what I’ve sewn on this money paved road

Golden built throne where I’m placed to rule


Empress in all her bountiful bliss

It’s within society I made a tryst

All these phone calls are begging lady miss


All for this

Golden ticket of wicked dynamite

This is my rite, a millionaires life


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