The Art of Being

The art of just being


Not over thinking it, not trying with all your force and might to make it happen. Not kicking ass and taking names but just being. Being still and truly feeling the energy of true freedom. The joy, abundance, wealth and success in that stillness. Through being, we become. We must first be something in order to become something so we can do something.

It’s not about doing everything you can as fast as you can. Often when we are doing that we miss opportunities, opportunities that would guide us quickly and gracefully into our desired outcome. In stillness, in just being we are privy to the internal voice that is connected to all. When we are connected to that we are in tune with the best us we can be, it will guide us effortlessly and perfectly to our hearts truest desires.

I give up the control to try and make anything happen or feeling anxious about things becoming. Because ALL already is, everything I want, you want is already here. Everything in the universe exists simultaneously. All that ever was, ever is and ever will be is the eternal now. It’s not about making or doing anything, it’s only about being that essence.

Through being the energy of everything our heart could desire we become it. Of course when you become something you do something because you are everything you want. If you are still in your being and truly feel that peace, you will then become peace. When you become peace you will do peaceful things naturally, effortlessly, gracefully.

Inspired action is not the same as forced action. We often get hung up on the word ‘action’. Because when you think action you automatically correlate it with work, often hard work. That is the farthest thing from the truth. Life is meant to be easy, let’s choose to live in ease and be at ease. Through ease miracles will take place, dreams come true and with that being ease will permeate every area of our lives.

When we are at ease in our being we then become ease in spirit, mind & body; a vessel at ease cannot hold disease. Through conscious intention of being, we will gradually wash our spirit clean of bad habits, thoughts and life circumstances. Through our intention to be better we will become better and of course do better. It’s really important for us to be patient with ourselves and love ourselves as we shift into a new way of being.

So, I’m free in being, being everything that is truly eternal, the purest self expression of my own divinity. You are too, just be. Through being you will become and through becoming you will do.

This is our life, your life, it’s only you who can choose. What will you be? Be at ease.


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