Exhibition of Beauty



Within the rays of hope I’ve sewn my thread of true love

Romance is all we become in just being, being free

Free in spirit, free in thought, loving beyond all costs


Lips that form a smile bring a painting to life, a drive of ease

The way I’m seen is because I’ve perfected how to be

My past has left, my time is where my heart comes to invest


She gives no less than a blessing to every fickle falling leaf

Every winter dream, snowflakes of make believe, a marvel you’ve seen


This piano of my heart strung symphony is humanity thinking so free

Thoughts of soothing movements, like these silk gloves I love

Red tipped fingers gracefully play a piece


Pieces of life, pieces of beauty, the way her hair touches her back

Light contours her face to a degree of ultimate persuasion

Sublime the rhymes that spring forth from fingers of talent


Exhibit of class is an event of soul, each person is apart of the show

I smile in droves because I know all I’ve sewn is becoming known


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