Savior of One


Worshipped by the eyes of him it’s like he has seen nothing but sin

Every rendered miracle is brought to the surface

A contribution of my gifted mind is the way my life spells each rhyme


Fined with happiness, taxed with the celebration of my song

Song of every little light sparkle I discern within a fraction of a second

In that instant it all makes sense, the way synchronicity just is


His & Hers the way I rearrange possessions to bring forth a feeling

Feeling of exclusive wholeness


The look of something can just encompass such emotion

How it derives a sense of excitement, it’s like God has blessed the righteous

In my world it’s a land of make believe yet it’s truly all become reality


In these eyes you see the ocean of every particle in existence

I summon the ones who cry for help and banish the distance

Savior of one yet saved through everything, it’s how miracles rearrange


Come, there is no one to blame, let go of the shame

This is what it’s like to live in Fame


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