Media Darling


Faceted reflections stare me down in this vessel of perfection

Media darling, you can hardly recognize me now like a woman once sound

Business of a certain class, assistance of every kind soul


I resonate high and look beyond into a run away place


So many there they all must feel quite safe being set free from this blood race

Curvy body, ample love, so it’s they whom deem these curves dangerous

Too much, too little, this is where my self worth comes to battle


It’s all for talk, gossip of a superficial way

I turn and smile, I pose the way that excites and entices

It’s like my looks are a vice and everyone wants a ride


I’m just a bride in this storm of recognition, I’m begged to listen

Publicity of a hit making wave, viral in astonishment

All this is surely heaven sent, I can finally live


Eyes closed with crystal like adore

They won’t ever become bored with what I have, so much more


It’s all this butterfly allure


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