Gown of Whispers


Reverence of a beautiful ever after is everything your hope to master

Is it not so that you desire it all faster


As the order of divinity is put into particular form I continue to smile

Smile back at the thoughts lingering with attention

It’s all around me, around me, I’m so happy you’ve found me


The whispers of my gown grows to a scream so it seems, a buzzing bee

I taste the honey of the words, I deserve it all, I concur


In these leather seats I sit in the lap of luxury


I remember the journey, I am so worthy

Foot on the pedal just like the devil in this seance I revel

It’s just for fun there is no harm, not even a bullet in this gun


Now run, run, run with those charcoal thoughts

Over here nothing is lost, it’s abundance on call


Cat eyes, long silk robe as I exit this theatrical side show

I’m the ease to your pain with me I shall honor your gains


Isn’t the existence of who I am, Queen of this land

Mansion of delight as the butlers serves dynamite

It’s all right every bomb I consume is the glamour I infuse


It’s you who gets to choose


Will you be blue?

Will you soothe?


Now don’t be rude!


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