Marriage of Love & Beast


Crowds, massive crowds of onlookers scream in glee

The brainwashing is clearly palpable yet she finds it enduring

Surely they have been tricked into being here, why do they care?


I walk out on this balcony and I survey with exasperation at the magnitude

I exude the style of what I am to be, the personality of their expectations

I won’t let down my people, she surely won’t forsake their fragile egos


My bouffant, this pompadour reaches to God, for sure it caresses the clouds

The loudness of the cries of the ritual partaking below careens out of control

Guns with roses, letters made of smoke smell the marriage


Marriage of love and beast, it’s the holiday of my rite to deem

What do my people feed on, what do I quench their essence with?

It’s bliss, I spring forth an indescribable flick of omnipotent power


In this Tower I let down my guard as I know time is not far

They hold me in endless ways, they understand life with no fear

This isn’t a mere fairy tale it’s the life of love


I set free three doves and with that I conclude this ritual

I take my place behind the glass door and now I know why she is allured

She holds every fantasy, every dream, every thought, every whim


With her there is no sin

All you can do is win


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