Crowning of the Rapture


I read each one of your thoughts, I see who you are

You can hide from the world yet I know whats truly in store

In this church of freedom I call upon my Lord


Every door opens for me now thanks to you, the suffering you’ve endured

Is it the holy trinity that has brought upon me the grace of infinity

So it be as I look at this white suit I’m wearing I know my heart cares


Cares for everything I adore, the desires of my heart have come alive

All you can see is everything I can touch, all I feel is everything I’ve become

I’ve opened the letter, the letter which foretells the rise of her


Her, who is she, is she everything, is she Lord

Savoring the minds of the strong, which upon them she calls

It is law, this destiny preordained a certain way


As I wander through this penthouse of tranquility

In these white slacks I confess it’s me who’s on the fast track

A man in brass was once my friend, yet he was scared and ran


I suppose this is the mind of an exuberant woman

This is what it means for my initiation

Rising of a crown


The crowning of the rapture, it’s my everything ever after


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