Pentacle of Queendom


The stars have kissed her face as the angels hold her embraced

He traces his lips over her soft skin of silk, a beautiful thrill

She smiles and giggles like she does, there love like an illicit drug


Exquisite croissants, danishes galore are brought in upon a silver platter

This is the what it means to live happily ever after

Love birds in their knowing, the knowing of what it means to know


No words can explain, nothing can exemplify even though some wonder why

Bye, Bye to every insecurity, with this sort of mental state the stakes are raised

As her beloved draws her bath she smiles at the thought, the simple things


Amidst this castle so many fathom of presiding

It’s her who had the courage to become and so it was

Glory for the supernatural, for the people of the ordinary


I luxuriate in every drop of water this porcelain tub holds

Every drop of water is every dream, every vision come to be


This moment is it, each moment is all there is

Now that I’ve acclaimed this mountain, pentacle of Queendom


He leans in on the doorway, half way smiling

I’ve accepted the invite to join his Kingdom

All for us, for our eternal essence, for our people so blessed


The rested, this shall last, sustained through every phase

It’s all because of Grace


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