Life, a Series of Moments





Fear is every doubtful thought, every lingering sense of sadness; that voice that keeps us from truly being and doing what it’s on our heart. Fear can either be like an addictive drug which brings more of it into your life or fear can be fuel for our success. Letting go, leaving fear behind, understanding fear, coming to terms that fear does exist is apart of our journey.

I know what fear can do to a person. Fear can change everything you are into everything you are not, destroying your life and everything you hold dear. Fear ruins dreams, fear kills much. If we aren’t careful often what we fear the most will come to be because we have harnessed that energy so much.

We are often brought up as children in fearful circumstances, being programmed with fear from an early age. Whether it’s from television programming or our parents in fear that they wont make rent, the mortgage and other bills, etc. Most people whom grew up this way are now facing the same dilemmas themselves. Our childhood programming is quite challenging to transcend yet it can be done and has been millions of times.

The first step is being conscious of fear, what are your fears, fear is really anything negative that hinders your life, your mood and your personal well being. Sure there may be times are body is in pain but we can still choose to live in fear or in love. Are the thoughts of it’s better and going to be better or are the thoughts I am so sick?

WE and only WE get to choose the thoughts we entertain, we are the ones who entertain fear and let it seep into our lives, minds and essentially ruin our lives with mediocrity. You don’t have to be a millionaire to be GREAT but you do have to let go of fear and live in LOVE to be great!

Your parents, your ex lover, the people whom bullied you, hurt you or assaulted you didn’t make you the way you are and they didn’t make me the way I am. I, you, we have chosen to be the way we are through the thoughts and energy we have entertained. What we entertain we become, what we think is what we are. 

Fear has a million different ways of seeping into your aura and attacking your spirit. We have all felt it, lived it and some of us unfortunately become it. Yet the beauty of being human is that we can make the decision to honor our light and transcend fear. I choose to let it go, I choose to know that fear is a part of this physical dimension but that I have the right to not partake in it’s entertainment. You don’t have to either!

So as we go through our day, through each moment we replace any fearful thoughts with thoughts of self empowerment. Knowing that you know endlessly, that you are the best person you can be and each moment manifesting a better you, a better life. 

Each moment counts! What is life but a series of moments. We don’t remember days, we remember moments. Let’s make each one count. ❤


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