Bird Like Thoughts


I could say one thing in a million different ways

Words are like water falls they just continually flow


I often think of my thoughts like birds, they flock together endlessly


If my thoughts are like birds my voice is like the sun


If you smile it’s an aspiration, if you break my heart it’s poetry time


Expression through self coming about in conventional ways


My eyes must be the opening of my eternal source because I’m a dreamer

Do you see, do you touch, do you hear, can you taste the benediction?


It’s not like life is meant to be understood in a singular way


I am brave so I should say, I surely have raised the eternity of nothingness


These words mean nothing yet mean everything

These words are my heart yet my enemy 


Is it all so easy


Is life so successful

Am I so blessed

I am best dressed

I don’t know anything yet I know it all


My words a fire that yearns within us all


Decorating the world with every element of speech


Poets are like painters of the mind, their mouths the brush

The world their canvas


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