Limousine of Embodiment



Long red nails squared to precision, I’ve made my decision

It’s inside this library of every beautiful thought I’ve come to know

Know it’s passed the point of no return, I belong to what is preserved


Love shall come, marriage is in the cards, trophies, accolades already done

I thrive because I am so alive in what makes me mine, I so do shine


In the flow of what it means to live life, the abundance of my birth right


Perfect eye sight, I will no longer hide nor will I confide in wretched minds

Besides I’ve got it all because each moment is eternal, is eternal life that


That which was, which is and which will be

If that is so, then all is done, I am one, I’ve won


Won, one, won, one, one, won


Realizations, revelations, prophetic thoughts I cherish with every detail

The way I feel in this, the knowledge I bring to this

Is this bliss


I am Miss glamour, I have the shimmer


Oh, my limousine of couture embodiment has arrived

I shall now take my prize

I will no longer hide that I am so alive


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