Living in your Knowing

Living in your knowing.


Living in the energy of what brings us joy in this very moment and in every moment. When we consciously become a vessel for our truest calling & desires, miracles take place. Happiness, inner peace, joy, friendship, romance, love, abundance, wealth everything!

Whatever it is we truly desire a deeper sense of is what energy we must harness.

It’s all about transcending past the negative beliefs, voice, ego or whatever you want to call that part of our psyche. It’s their to keep us safe in our comfort zone. Yet the life we truly desire, the things we truly want, the relationship we dream about is right outside of it. Everything we want is waiting for us to claim it in spirit first, then it manifests into reality afterwards.

Everything in life is spirit first and foremost. In this physical dimension of course we experience everything in some type of form. Even if it’s love or happiness, which is just emotion, it still manifests through the people we draw into our lives; our friends & even our personal material possessions.

In this exact moment we may not have exactly the type of relationship we want or the financial freedom we desire and that’s okay! It’s really important for us to live in gratitude and appreciation of the current situation so we don’t block our path to our desired circumstance. So in this moment, in each moment we live in a place of knowing that our desires our present. We feel it with deep emotion, we play stories out in our mind, envisioning our life we aspire for!

Things comes to us through the emotions we continually exude. In order to get what we want we have to BECOME what we want. Say to yourself, I am happiness, I am peace, I am wealth, I am a devoted loving partner, etc. It’s important to simply feel it, envision it and let it be in the knowing. Knowing that it is that is is, that it is present. It’s the only way.

It’s through our sacrifice of conscious energy & time that we give the power to our dreams. It’s beautiful when we are in synchronicity and see it all happening in divine order, step by step. Have you ever felt like a period of time went by so fast yet so much happened. It’s like they say the days are long and the years are short.

The time is going to past regardless so why not put in the energy to bring about what you really want. How badly do you want to rise above mediocrity and be a beacon of utopia. I know I do, I know I will and I know I am.

I’m not perfect, I’m not trying to be perfect. Sure there are times and will be times little negative thoughts seep in and that’s okay! I simply let them go, understand their purpose and continue on my path. This isn’t about being super human or having a super power. This is only about living a super life!

The more effort we put into it the easier it comes. Oh and the ease we feel as things come to fruition right before us. Plant seeds of goodness in your subconscious because either way when harvest comes what you’ve planted will bloom, it’s your choice, my choice.


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