Burning Anticipation

Those big eyes ask with ease

They have a way of making fantasies into reality

Don’t you want me so badly, this soft skin


Bridge of candle lit sexuality burns in anticipation

His gentle laugh as I sit on his lap and bask

Every mans carnal thought I evoke with my voluptuous body


This mans lap is just my heart playing with my mind

This is what I do with their kind I find a weakness and it suits me

I am Queen truly, men are so easy to interpret


Everything I know I am is everything he knows me to be

I think of other men yet he sees me everyday in every way

I see each woman cross his mind, the way their bodies move as they pass



Her top undone his eyes sure have that way of desire

No bother to me you see I am the one and only, revered by ambiguity

Androgyny is my God it’s she whom I call upon


Men and their hidden secrets as they laugh with their ‘friends’

Bar room talk like they don’t have fantasies I fulfill at call

Brilliant, I only seek out the resilience


In my stillness I am so much more than a woman

I’m every fly on the wall, every lingering whisper

I’m the desire you have to kiss her


I’m the one

The only



Baby girl forever after



Oh, the glory of what it means to be me


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