White Tie Apocalypse

With deep clarity I conjure a sense of immortal satisfaction

I’ve got the invite of the millennium

The White Tie Apocalypse


Every conceivable reputation will be up for revelation

Nor you, nor you, nor you will be exempt

Infinity ever after holds zero contempt


I just sit here and sip on this divine artisan tea

Slow breaths as I’m quite strapped in a corset

Bless, Bless me, I’m all coiffed like a cover model




I stand and with little steps I walk forth as I’m called upon

It’s the iridescence of serenity that I’m draped in

Sense of every last physic is the emotion I exude


Every man lined in black tail coats and big white bows

Smell of starched shirts, exorbitant perfumes and divinity seeps into my skin

They laugh, I smile, They call, I answer


Down this carpet of every wishful mans visions, I talk of endless bounty

I am the one who is demanded, it’s my message that’s omnipresent

There are billions of lessons to be learned from this presence


Each section I entertain as you might like to know I’m feeling quite sane

Brave so to say, I live in the eternal now as I speak from a place of power


It’s your turn now, it’s the revealing hour


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