Many weep in their poverty stricken mind, the world that was given to them

The secret societies, the lies, the ones who seek power over community

As they have their roles to play, self destructing is their oblivion


Yet, you see this is the coming of the two worlds, two earths

Shall you be a slave to the greedy, ego stricken in their dystopia?


No, no, you are the ones who come home to Utopia

The mercy is the reckoning of your own paradise within

Sin is only the self destruction you perpetuate unto self


All the secrets are out, this is the time to relinquish doubt

I’ve achieved this glistening castle all with the power

Power of love, power of freedom, power of transcendence


This light shall shine on tens of millions, God willing

Tribe of reverent talents, the gifts of our chosen journey

The truth is clear


In this land there is nothing to fear

My dear you are heard, through our gifts we serve


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