#1 Dreams



Not sure if anyone knows who Conor Mcgregor is, he’s a UFC world champion. I was browsing youtube and watching as many uplifting & inspiring videos I could about how our thoughts create our reality and ran across some of his interviews. I knew who he was because my Dad is a big UFC fan. Also of course I’ve heard of him because there were times I was obsessed with pop culture.

Needless to say he knows ‘the secret’, he knows all about law of attraction and he said precisely that’s how he has become incredibly successful, wealthy and abundant. He’s used it for years while on his journey to where he wanted to go. It really just touched me and inspired me so much! Of course I’ve used the secret consciously and have seen it’s magic so I know it works. (We use it whether we are aware of it or not, most people are just using it to attract what they don’t want. The 99%.)

Yet coming from the mouth of someone so successful just really gave me that extra push. Most people in the spotlight don’t talk openly about metaphysics and how our thoughts create our destiny. This is due to most are in secret societies which prohibit them from discussing anything of the sort because it’s suppose to be a ‘secret’. Yet the truth is out there and it has its way of coming to the ones who desire it.

I know I am on the right path and I have been meditating and visualizing my success everyday and I’m truly starting to see the results of it. Yesterday was the best day for my stats on my blog almost double performance in one day! That has me really excited, I can’t believe I just hit 100 tribe members and now nearing 200. This is beautiful to me, I love sharing my work with anyone who will take a little time to read and enjoy it.

I’ve found my passion here on this website of mine and I have such visions and dreams for it. Watch out Huffington Post! Thank you all for reading, watching and joining me. I really do love reading your work as well.

This is just confirmation that every dream has it’s beginning and once the momentum gets going, that fire raging, we must add fuel to it! Oh, I’ve thrown gasoline on this fire!

And thy will by done, Holly Ann Kurt is #1. 😛 🙂 ❤


Holly Ann Kurt



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