Lady Adore


A woman of great compassion, you look into her eyes and she heals all sadness

The mad, the psychotic, the outcasts, the misunderstood

She see’s all, she knows their thoughts, she hears their call


After all she’s come to save the world as her name is Lady Adore

I’ve reached the shores, I summon every great amphibian to do my bidding

They shall not hide, irrelevant of the snark snide wiles


I have the yearning of humanity on my side, I am Lady Adore

You were born attached to my cord, always welcome at my door

Opened me you have and that being I’m so glad


No more shed tears, I relinquish every last fear

Weary foes, I even have love to soothe your soul

I present you with a bow from my shelf of destiny


I comfort the world in each day, through every second I’m there to inspire change

Will you be ready when it comes to your day, tell me you say


Lady adore is here, on her way


Forever and ever shall I brave the stay to mend spirits from clay


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