Blue Eyed Godsend



I learned something from a blue eyed man

He trusted me when I didn’t trust myself

His faith saved me in so many ways, never gave up hope


Loved me at my worst, he held me through every bout of suffering

Wondering when I’d see the light and entertain my truth

The way his deep voice soothed my ears


Many times I refused to hear as I was lost in fear

Tears that could quench every dry mouth, he spoke of me aloud

How proud he was because even when doubt was ripe, I refused to let the demons inside


Cried in his spirit begging for forgiveness, he knew I would go my own way

Just for a time I had to believe those lies, hide from him, I wouldn’t listen

Sinful it was, I was sawing dust


Then I turned around & I saw those blue eyes, those big hands reach out

In his comforting embrace I went, a true godsend, I finally listened


I see those blue eyes in every dream with such precise gleam

Now as I take my ark down this stream, it’s in God I’m free

Universal light we all shine, made up of star dust


In unconditional love I trust


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