Woman of an Upper Class


Brave state of mind is where I find myself at this time

A side of a high minded woman of an upper class

With the heart of a saint as she continually slays her ego to gain


Gain the wisdom of the ancients, just like in all the great books it stated

The beauty of the infinite has me so satiated with faith

Home of dreams, precisely putting things into place


Open this door, walk on in and see my garden

The bountiful harvest of my eternal fathom

Paintings of glitzy art then to the natural surface where you take part


This table presents a feast for us all to partake, enough for us all to trade

Bathe in this presence, they call it I Am that, I Am reverence

The yard of endless green clouds provides the sound


Sound of humanity, my home of sanity

All because of my bravery

I was promised by birth right in favor


So were you, if you so choose

You can’t possibly lose, that’s just a ruse


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