Jehovah’s Rave


Glass kisses in this fractured room

Existence of multiple personalities, lost in reality

Screaming for these demons to come out of me


Convulsing in the vile thoughts of a wretched battle

Disaster of old ritualistic thinking, dramatic extraordinaire

Feeling like no one cares to dare to save my soul, I beg to gain control


Then I rose, I took a hold to forsake the demons who couldn’t see me

Couldn’t be me, trying to possess yet couldn’t get very far, none the less

I was told God loves me so, authority of my show


So I did, I blessed my temple, it was all really so simple

Fickle demons, dirty illusions off to their next willing host

Prayer for the souls who give up will


My heart beats for their honor to come

Come home to the paradise inside

Where all the great prophets have told us to erect
our shrine


No more lies from pitiful mouths with pricking hisses

Love for the lost, grace for the saved

There is a party here that awaits


Jehovah’s rave


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