Hermaphrodite of Virginity


I walk across this ocean swaying in allowance as I know I’m ethereal

Reception of dainty smirks, protecting the ones who were previously hurt

Sir Woman, Madam Gentleman


It’s all a reversal of roles, breaking of the bonds of tradition

Glistening turmoil from the watchers, can’t stand what I have to offer


My sea is soft


I call out to the ones who imagine their lost, I know they are not

Drafts of supernatural bliss come to intertwine it’s vision

We all shift, fanciful tryst


Water in my zone of sentimental addition

You are not alone,  I’m a reborn virgin

Pregnant with the new found hermaphrodite


Goddess, God

I’ve birthed the one

I’ve slayed gold to become a disposition of my treasure trove


Chorus of endless perfection, I chose my child for selection

I birthed the key through this essence

Is it a human, no it surely is not


It’s the emphatic spectacle of every last burning desire

A fire of a thousand suns


Every God beats this drum

I birthed my new found son


My daughter and him

Both one


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