Releasing Self Judgement

We are on the path of changing our lives through our thoughts and there is something important to be aware of as we do this.


We now know that thoughts attract like thoughts and we are doing our very best at letting the negative thoughts go and instantly embracing positive ones. As we continue to do this we will program ourselves to do it naturally and our subconscious mind will then automatically begin creating new thinking patterns. Through this we will become more at ease using the power of our mind.

Although there is something important we must be aware of when negative thoughts do come. As our awareness grows we start to notice how at odds the thoughts are with our ultimate desires. So as we start the process of reconditioning ourselves, we are continuously in conscious effort to rise above that negative energy. It’s important in this moment and every moment of thought to remain in grace and NOT judge ourselves.

The conscious awareness of how far off our thinking patterns are from our ultimate desires can trigger us into a setback if we judge ourselves. Don’t judge yourself for your past thinking patterns, simply know your desires. Know you are on the right path, let the negative thought simply go. Replace it with a good thought, a good story. As we continue to ascend it’s very important to let go of self judgement.

Self judgement holds us back and keeps us in perpetuation with what we do not want. If you find yourself feeling frustration, tension or anything like that just stop. Stop, breathe and think of the most fulfilling thing you want as if you have already achieved it. Visualize it with as much emotion and clarity as possible.

You are worthy, I am worthy, we are worthy of goodness. We shall not judge ourselves and therefore we shall transcend into our new way of being. Our life of dreams!


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