Playwright of Ribbons



Changing from a child to a knowing, one of womanhood

Is it more than manhood, it’s just gender I know I could

Could love all the way, they’re there to shine, light on their stars


The comfort of expression, it’s a life long lesson, so blessed

I honor the femininity within me, I love the masculinity I see

I breathe in life, I over achieve all my dreams to succeed


The bleeding of blood, sweat, tears is the force I adhere

I done it all, I gave honest time to suffer through my resistance

Now as I flow I’ve let it all go, the beauty has consumed me


This river of my divine Ecstasy has chosen me, taken me

Taken me as prisoner of love, of harmony in greatness

Through art I serve, through my essence I deserve


I curtsy with pleasure as I AM places a feather in my hair

I love it when people stare, I know it’s because they care

My man takes me to the playwright of ribbons


Ribbons of dancers, the showing of my indication

Our syndicated bond, so devoted, it’s he who I hold

A unique girl in this big, big world


My hairdresser adorns me with luscious long curls

He then takes my hand and spins me in a twirl


Everyday I change, Everyday eternity calls my name

I inspire the ones still the same, don’t I babe?


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