Theater of Drama


I got my satin top on tonight, emerald showpieces adorned with

Drama of my sorcery, visions of my soothsaying glamour

An illusion of art to summon a power through soul


A vessel of utopia to bless my audience with the righteousness they so deserve

I sing the tones of a melody that delves into their spirits to open their minds

I place a rose of my honor, a heart of golden extravagance, my sweet excellence


For the sprouting of thoughts to begin a life of elite top peak

For the goodness, in my magic I water their mouths, I diminish the foul

Here comes the sounds, the musical swank of my curvy deliciousness


I sway in the worship to transmute it into unconditional love,for us

My celebrity is a rite, ritual, communion of the white rose

Lotus Queen forever to be, serene beliefs in the drama of me


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