Pledge of Association

Cheekbones slanted to Venus, I bring out the better in men

I forgive all sin as this is a house of worship, the temple of what I am

Clam shell makeup, applying it so beautifully, my love so soothing


Use me, use me, I’m over flowing with abundance, sunny ambiance

The alliance of two contrasting forces seeps through my eyes, I’m not blind

I’ve read the signs it’s now my time to shine, I won’t hide, I won’t die


I’ve interpreted the lies to consummate in the truth of what becomes

Consuming the water of life to quench my thirst for recognition

My guardian angel comes to tell me, “Listen, Listen!”




Trumpets blare, I gracefully walk in the most expensive gown, dolled to the Gods

Awe ever after, my perfect timing to become a dandelion master

My successful forthcoming is a shadowing of the future that is


My one true love, my consort husband of celebration

He watches me with pleasure as I am called to the stage for my pledge

Pledge of association with the grandness of my brand, in my conviction I stand


An innocence so pure, a knowing so cultured, cultivated and revered

Here, here, I’ve manifested this life all for my self, it’s so sincere


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