Focus is Power

Staying focused on becoming and evolving into what we want to be.


As I continually learn more and understand the infinite power within us all. I’ve had a realization that we don’t MAKE things happen. So many of us have desires, which is totally natural and extraordinarily beautiful as desire is self expression. Self expression is the epitomy of why we have come here to experience the beauty of life.

I now know that we do not make anything happen, we ALLOW it to happen. We become the energy of whatever it is we want through the emotions of how it makes us feel. So through us becoming that energy the universe deliverers that response. So it’s very important for us to entertain and think good, positive thoughts of abundance, peace and glory so we achieve more of this.

After seventeen seconds of thinking a thought it gains the power to bring another thought like that to you, the more you do this the more you attract like thoughts. After 68 seconds it gains incredible momentum and your reality starts to shift to conform to these thoughts. This can work to either build you or destroy you. This is YOUR life, my life, this is our life! We deserve the amazing beautiful lives we desire.

It does take a lot of conviction at first to overcome past programming and conditioning which has brought us to our present point. Yet, the more we practice the easier and more natural it becomes. When we find our selves struggling the most it’s paramount to transcend at that moment because our past programming/thinking patterns are fighting to stay in control. If we give in, we continue to perpetuate their power and set ourselves back from our ultimate desires.

As we stay focused on our desires they will come to a point where there grandness will ascend past the negativity and our lives will shift unto a turning point. We and the reality around us will quickly change and life will start reflecting the bliss we’ve so desired. The beauty of it is we get to see this and know that our creating abilities that are divinely given are materializing before our very eyes.

I’m just wanting to remind myself, you that we must stay focused and be in awareness of what we are thinking, the stories we tell ourselves in our mind. Is the story negative, sad or bad? If it is so, change the story, entertain good stories. We are the narrator of our lives, we acclaim our destiny through the energy we channel with our vessels. Let’s be vessels of love, unity and ultimate abundance.

Now when the thoughts come we can be in awe of how it works. Oh yeah, there comes a thought that leads to my life being this way which in turn affects everything that is my reality. It becomes continuous synchronicity of life as we become aware of how everything is connected and how we are the makers of our own destiny.

Our focus is where we garner the power of our intention which in turn manifests our life vision. Everything that is materialized, all comes from the power of intention.


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