Queen of Men


Peering over the newspaper his eyes lock with mine

I turn the key and set the mystery free

A luncheon in progress, his mind on business


A matter at hand is what brought me here

A debatable stance he discusses with the like

His shirt unbuttoned one too many, Ah his pride


I excuse myself from the discussion, my heart wondering

Mind pondering, I brace my hands on the stone terrace ledge

The partition of the other room sets me free


I open my antique clutch,  pull out my compact for a vain touch

Dolled to perfection

CoCo Chanel is the way it’s spelled, I purse my lips to applicate


Is this my fortune, a deluxe luxury

A luncheon in a hill top fortress for business I have no interest


A deep voice approaches from behind, I turn to glance over my back

It’s he who I don’t know, yet it’s as we do

What am I to say, are there words to convey?


He says nothing, and leans in on the terrace, surveying the vicinity like a hawk

In that essence I felt his apparition, like a miraculous revelation


“You’re one of us,

You’re one of us.”

He asserts.


“It’s me or the gallows of what it means to be banished, you don’t want that, my lady.”


How dare he presume what I do or do not want, how egocentric, Mister conflicted


“I was bore of love, I came through grace to open up a new way.

To braze a trail through what I choose to do.

If I am for you it will be, I will not forsake my golden rules for tyrannical fools!”

Said like a true vixen, with cat like glee.


“You see, It’s I who chose you to be one of us, it’s in Goddess we trust

You’re just a man of lust

Baby, this is going to be so much fun, you better bring your gun.”


An Empire, he brought to me

I’ll ride, I haven’t ever felt so alive

Queen Bee in her hive


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