Wandering through this estate with it’s plush gardens

Fountains spewing water in elegant displays, ponds of humbling beauty

Traveling through the orchids of cherry trees, the smell of sweet cherries fills me up


Freshly baked cherry pie, the warmness in my belly

Freshly plucked the biggest cherry for my taking

Savoring it for my sake

I’d give my heart for this place


I dive through my visions of life some other way, I couldn’t even persuade

Persuade my thoughts to conjure a vision behind my own

I suppose like my father says, I’m this orchards sweetest cherry


Young love, it’s in my blood

Seventeen, he’s twenty three, my best friend I believe

As I walk and ponder, I start to consider

Then I smell his rightness and turn to embrace his likeness


Our smiles speak the words we can’t seem to find

A hug of some other kind

Indescribable emotions


Hand in hand, face to face

There’s not a thing I would change


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