Exclusively Esteemed

Exorbitance evokes quite the emotion through out this tea room

Swanky chatter among patrons of a particular order

Gathering of cordial interest, I make the best impression


The Announcement of my betrothal

A becoming of the christening with my esteemed noble man

Spoken with the words of a true intellectual, they way he behooves me so specially


Portrayal of wealth, an honorary degree of his abilities

His humanity in touch, in speech, the way he conforms his heart to the needy

Blessing many with his compassion, a warrior heart



I fell in love with him at once, the way I knew him from a land far unknown

The way his eyes made my skin bloom, his voice churned my fields

As we are in the Garden of Eden, fiercely protected yet promoted with independence


A love like this is inevitably transcendent

Kaleidoscope of crystals formed within the ambiance of our unwavering connection


I let the man in him speak, I see far beyond into the eternal source of his soul


“I formally declare my betrothal, exuberant engagement and life long eternal commitment to the woman of my dreams. I honor her with every breath, I will continually forsake my ego to benefit our dual partnership. Through the ups and downs, I will always acclaim her with admiration. Esteemed with the honor of her royal divinity, her so very cherished delightful self expression. You are mine, me yours, it is so.” He proclaims to me and the onlookers, with deep passion.


Freedom at last, freedom at last


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