Carnival Soiree


Those bright eyes, colorful skin, intricate design of carefully applied cosmetics

Creative art, masks, wigs, costumes galore at the circus gala of delight

A beautiful clown, a presentation being channeled beyond many realms


The seed of art being planted in the minds of the watching ones

Cheers, applause, loud hair, full length gloves, bright lips

This is the new age, a world of flair, an artistic dare


The fair of ecstasy, a place where anything you see comes to be

Outlandish headdress, uniforms of the blessed, ridiculousness put to the test

Mermaid hair, silk cigarettes, smoke of candy in this place many fancy



High class soiree, only for the invited and lighthearted

Diamond crusted cards handed to all in the great hall

A room so vast chandeliers of make believe exude power


The conjuring of every child like soul

An enthrallment of every mans desire, magicians for hire

Swinging from arm to arm in this perfectly timed choreography


A beautiful clown, world renowned circus, a rapture of allure

The exquisitely designed pastries the cure, a focus on purity

Clearly this is beauty, the way, the life, truly


Will you come with me

Into this Carnival of Magic

Red carpet of euphoria


Dear glory

Be apart of this story


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