Illusions of an Alcoholic 2.0


Been there, done that. Around the rodeo a million times, rode every damn animal in this arena! Get me the hell out of here, although I know I’m the only one who can take my leave. I hate the word ‘hard’ because I prefer to see things as challenges. I’ve overcome so damn much!

Yet this alcohol thing is one massive challenge. It’s like it calls my name, when I don’t want it, it presents itself through people or other means. I truly know and believe it is a spirit and when you give it power, oh power it has. If you are an addict, recovering addict of either drugs or alcohol, I know you! I know that struggle, the pain, the suffering.

The reality of it, we either accept it and let it possess us OR we fight for our soul! That’s what it’s after, it wants to take over. We invited it in and now we have to kick it out; it’s like a spouse you already told a trillion times you’re done but refuses to give up!

Like, HELLO can you get out of me. Take the desire with you, burn it to hell! You are here for a reason, yet I know I wont let you commit treason upon me. I’ll fight until the end, there are times I give in. Yet, I won’t ever give up. I will overcome, I will persevere.

Until the day I die, I’ll love everything. Until the day I die I’ll channel grace to overcome everything. You can do it, I can too. Our journey together to rid our selves of negative patterns.

Just the illusions of an alcoholic.


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