Dancing with the Ensemble

Waving of hands, changing of faces, smiles, happy smells

A forth coming of a beckoning carnival, no harm my friends

Lest you think bad thoughts, you reap bad wheat


We sew then we keep, it’s our lives at stake

In this dance hall, a ballroom of dreams

Dancing with the ensemble of every human need


I can see, I can hear, I do so feel

Breathing, breath there is no moment for rest

Lest you want to wait, wait, wait




No we must go, it’s our time to put on this show

An artistic performance of the way our perception portrays

The portrait of a womanly friend, a mother, a lover


It’s me, It’s me, I’ve been called to dance

Dancing in this way, through every open door

Still pertaining to my chores, with glamour of course


Magical existence, living a life some deem make believe

Is this the American Dream, a millionaires fantasy to be

A wife, an artist, poet, writer even a beauty queen


How can one woman be so much, provide so much greatness

It’s all in relation to the way she channels her gifts

Does she choose good? Does she choose bad?



She chose love, us the whispers of the wind

The beings of light, archangels of the holy kingdom

Some say it’s the ones in the bible, yet we have far predated that


Her life will be a beacon for the coming ones

The ones that shall bring the new earth, the new heaven

It will be a beautiful lesson, a session in miracles


A beautiful hysterical theatrical performance of compassion and glamour

A love affair to inspire the masses, the marriage of a man and woman

Her dreams, her goals, it’s so beautiful I know


Through this confection of words, just know this

With her you’ll succeed, she will aspire breath

Lest you leave her presence, you’ll be on your own


A woman with tone, style, grace, beauty, face

A wedding dress in lace awaits her

He’s on his way to take her


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