Salvation of One Heart


There she goes traveling through the hearts of men

Blessing their souls with her loving essence

Spilling diamonds in their presence, rings for glory


Dirt roads to concrete cities, villages to suburban perfection

Whatever it takes to console her healing wounds

I must find a way to soothe, I pulse with life in the blooming


A blooming of the flower on a forgotten road, in the valleys of unknown

Running, screaming, toes curled in soft plush grass, this is the dream

There she goes, you can taste her in every sweet indulgence


One heart, brightest when you stop and think of how this is all aligned

The alignment of beauty, birds flocking, wind like velvet on your skin

There are no sins, you’re welcome here, all with her as mother


Mother of soul, take off your mask and set yourself free

Let’s be everything, let’s be nothing, it’s all the same

Take our vision to the end of the world to be claimed


Playful delight like a child, beauty like a vixen

Come here and be taken care of, soothed from your aching soul

The foundation of one heart


There she goes, saving herself


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