Jezebel Lips



Drawing room of cards, whiskey and loud clouds of cigar smoke

Men with their sense of humors on full display, a wide array of pride

You can tell who’s with who, the friends and foes


Look at him in his gray suit and unkempt hair, an older man with quite flair

Even the women entertain, a Jezebel with her burlesque lips

The hips of adultery luring the men into sin with one preen


A wife with her chin up, refusing to leave her husband in the devils den

Suppose she’s afraid of what demons lurk in his soul, surely a man ought to control

Control his thoughts, the way he can choose


Nothing forced, yet clear temptation, this is a festival of pleasure

Feathered hats, dresses with little straps, flowing hair, wild laughs

Bourbon kisses, winning chances for my gambling mind


I find my proprietor, he takes me through the doors

A balcony of elegance, bouquets of floral delight

A mistress with her eye on a goal, crazy fiend dreams taking hold


I told you a night of dark lure

Come with me, if your conscious will allow

You’ll surely be shown how


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