Smiling Bones


I’ve been watching him through my window for sometime

I pretend to read sitting on my throne, yet it’s only because he’s near

The way his rugged looks appeal to me, wondering their feeling

The feeling of him on my skin, showing me how to kiss


I catch his glance I vibrate into some kind of trance, smiling with a knowing

Knowing he see’s me now, he’s felt my eyes

He comes my way, I gently close my book to become more poised

He reaches in and grabs my bones, with those stone eyes


“I know you’ve been watching me, I am here now.” He says, slyly.

I take my hand and press it up against his face, an affectionate embrace

“I know you have, there’s nothing to hide, I’m a woman with goals in mind.”

Grinning like men do, there is nothing here that can be misconstrued


It’s him I choose, the man I’ve seen

He see’s me too, oh I’m seen

He calls me his peach, ripe and gleaming

Tasteful fruit, he interpreted the clues


We walked united, this feeling so priceless


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