Prophecy of Light


Traveling through this storm of prophecies, knowing they are watching me

A snicker, laugh from the ones on the left, a pat on the back from the right

I shall summon everything I can to exude this light, help the world overcome strife


Deep in the woods where a pack of wolves snarl weapons

I’m just a woman on a mission to bring about a time of progression

Challenging beliefs, fickle indecision’s, my ignition is gaining momentum


A fighter, a lover, a friend even a foe, I’ve come to realize I see myself in all

Failed, succeeded, blown away with a fierce loyalty of my faithful gifts

Gifts of a dimension far beyond, here we are in this lodge


A mansion, a lodge, a window of proportions so large my eyes take hold

Men in suits come out, knowing their challenge they had me a chalice

I refuse to channel their demons, drink their poison


Taken their knowledge, gained initiation without their ranks

Safe to say I’ve got the power to overcome esoteric ways

All for this new age craze, now come what may


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