Harmony of Leaders & Supporters


Sometimes the strongest people in our lives, the ones we continually lean on. They come to a point where they can no longer be our source of strength. So we must stop leaning on them and become our own vital source of life. Independent in our own causes, life and well being.

When they reach out and they are showing us signs, we must respond. We must be wise to the callings of others. Often people do it in a way that can be hard to interpret if we aren’t in-tune with our intuition.

In life sometimes we play the strong role, some are natural to this role. You know people that just seem really confident, really hard working, they have that sense of stability about them. This is a more masculine role because it’s more natural for masculinity to be the leader and provider. As femininity often plays the more supportive, nurturing role.

Both roles are equally and incredibly important. Regardless, there comes a time when we have to be the strong one or take a back seat and let someone else step up to lead. Harmony and balance delegates us all the tasks of encompassing the power of strength and courage, leading and supporting.

So when it comes time for you to either be the pentacle of strength or for you to release the reigns, accept it! No one can always be the strong one, rest must come or disaster will strike. Through this I know I can now be the strength that others need because I was in the role of victim and damsel in distress leaning on others. So now the time has come where others may need to lean on me.

We are all energy sources for each other because we are all one in unity. So sometimes we need the strength of our family, friends or spouse to bring us through hard times. This is natural and infinitely okay. Yet, you cannot continually live on others energy source, when you do you drain their vital life force and their strength and free will falters.

People that continually live off the energy sources of other beings are what you would call energy vampires. They drain you, take from you and leave you feeling empty. So we must always be in give and take in life, so we can give our energy to the ones who need it yet still sustain our selves so our spiritual and mental needs are met as well.

One person can’t always be the beacon, it takes us all in a communion effort to help sustain each other. When we are strong we give energy to the weak and when we are weak we rely on the energy of the strong. It’s just the balance of what we call life.

Through the ebbs and flows of everything that is. From leading to supporting, we learn from each experience. Sometimes our leaders need to step back and focus on themselves for a while. Just as sometimes the supporters need their chance to step up and take the reigns.

We can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped yet we can see past their facade to become more of what we know we can be. Both the leader and the supporter. Both a pentacle of strength yet exuding a sense of raw vulnerability.

Forsaking our ego, our doubts, our fears to become more than we have ever been. To release the need for constant certainty and embrace the power of faith. Faith through our identification with grace which blesses our lives with the favor of good.



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