Mirror of Rainbows


Peering through this mirror moving into a reality where there is no actuality

Previously shot with their sharp pointed facts, a woman with class


Bundled up in my furs, traveling through some winter marvel

No fear here, not a bad thought, it seems the old me is now lost

A cloud of rainbows declares I am to live here, my new home


In this place I could come and go, to then fro

Performing my theatrics, sashaying my fantasies

Some say one percent, some say it could never happen to them


“Oh, they weren’t taught, they weren’t willing to become what it takes!”

Smiles, that cloud of rainbows. I can’t help but think such truth

A sky of baby blue, mountains, hills, every tree I behold


A river of eternal life, where healing is forever while

Style of exquisite fashion designers, re-becoming new at whim

That’s when I lay my soul upon another soul, a man, a spirit of such wholeness


King Charming, I can’t but dissipate into a million pieces

Instantly he comes to mold be back in one


For lorn the times in that ancient mid-evil land, my anointed friend

My now husband, we reign in forthright for a chosen way


Lay me down, he does

All for an essence in love


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