Don’t Go Far


Don’t speak to me like that, It hurts my heart to feel such energy

The tone, the way you think of death, you upset me causing distress

I love you so, do you feel unappreciated, I’m really sorry


I know I haven’t been the best, I’ve battled so many demons in a short time

I’ve caused much pain, I face karma until this day, I know my heart stays


Don’t take it away, don’t go far, I love you more than any star

We may not think much alike, but I know your soul and it’s touching

Touching in a way that you give so much, please love yourself


I won’t believe it, I beg you not to speak such things into existence

Let all the baggage go and stop the resistance, I will pay you back

For all the times you’ve had my back, I’ve been ungrateful


Yet I have so much, there are no words that come to speak through me

Will you just be still and patience shall rise


I know you use humor to try and hide

In me you can confide, oh my I love you


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