Noble Position



Through pinewood gusts of air, reminded of a time when I considered envy

My mascara freak show all for vanity because I belonged with the fallen ones

Relentless restlessness, continually pursuing egocentric festive trinkets


Constant blinkers, a nasty wandering, lingering here and there

Beast like tears, channeling nothing but fear

Moments ago, weeks ago, not too long ago, some pitiful clown show


Dark art, ritualistic beliefs, fretting over some nonexistent disease

Begging for some release, trapped in the box of abomination

Took upon the cross, slayed bare, freed to become a new spiritual lover

Infinitely delivered through a force we all know, the divine consciousness


Gracious savior, I’ve been given this silver stamped waiver, Jehovah’s favor

Path of something to achieve, a unique synchronicity of brevity

All in that moment, surrendering to the eternal force

As a way to bring forth a destiny of greatness, a woman in noble court


Into the Kingdom, thousand years of marvel, you’re invited my darling

Charmingly I found a way to braze lithely unto my new position

Decisions made, now watch me fade into unity, my faith using me


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