Gender is Art


This is for US, this is our time to shine. I know what we have been through, the pain, mockery, insults and even some of us being abandoned by our own family. Your circumstances will never be the reason for the way your life has turned out. YOUR thoughts, how you react and your perception will be what either destroys you or builds you.

You know those stones people have thrown at us because we are eccentric? Yeah those are great for building your stone castle where every dream you have can reside. People will hate us because we are transgender, we stray from what it is to be black or white. There are no boundaries of the self expression of gender. There are wide array of ways to express the beauty of the divine. There is freedom beyond what it means to be a man or a woman.

You are VALUABLE, despite what anyone has said! We must not partake in petty banter with small minds. When we do we perpetuate pettiness in our lives. Strength and confidence supersedes all insecurities; whether your own insecurities or the ones of others who feel threatened by you because you have found yourself.

Let that beauty shine, know your self worth comes from progression, not external beauty. I know how important it is to ‘pass’ as a trans person. I’ve been there, I went through that stage and it only created suffering. Living in fear of who knew, who didn’t. And the times some people found out or figured ‘it’ out, my security was devastated. That is WHY we can’t place our validation upon the backs & mouths of others.

By the way we can’t be figured out, we are who we are. Human beings identifying with our heart. If someone knows we are T, let it be. Trans is beautiful, you better believe it!

If we want acceptance we must demand acceptance through the energy we exude. Through our very being we will become the pentacles of expression our kind was meant to be. There is nothing we can’t overcome, we have made so much progress. This is just the very beginning for us, our people.

It’s taken me so long to be able to even say this, to be open and accept that I am a transgendered woman. Through much heartache, I’ve finally found my voice. I will speak for you until you find yours. The challenge is this is our reality, yet the way we transcend our struggle is what makes us magical. I’d even say fantastical, use your gifts, follow your passions.

Live your truth, be authentic and most of all accept every part of you. It’s okay to desire to change things about yourself but be grateful for everything you are in this moment and it will come so much more gracefully.

For you, for me, for us, for our people.


Holly Ann Kurt


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